Some startling and some surprising facts about gambling

  • Why is it difficult to say what number of people frequent online casinosIt is easier at land based ones to count the number of footfalls of the people who visit the casino in a day or in a week or even a fortnight.But there is some peculiar reason that online casino visitors are never accurately measured.
  • This can be attributed in a big part to the technology being very recent to have any kind of a comprehensive measuring tool. Also, because of the nature of the casino that is called virtual casinos, a person can simultaneous visit two or more casinos at the same time by logging in through different devices and with different registered IDs.

Addiction to gambling

In the mid 1980s, compulsive betting on various forums or even at a land based casino was officially included in the DSM III and christened as “pathological Gambling”. The disease is set to afflict those who have no control over their betting habits and they cannot say discreetly when the normal activity becomes a problem. All the same, the end and ends up in both psychological and financial trauma. Even though the percentage may sound small at 5 percent, but still based on the number of people who gamble, pathological gamblers are a big lot of people. The person’s family and personal life is hit so badly that unless he is rehabilitated, there seems to be no hope for him.


The first ever internet casino

Only eighteen games! Can you imagine the first few casinos had only handful of games. Today twenty years since, the portfolio of games has rapidly increased and how. Each casino worth its salt has a minimum of five hundred games in its portfolio. There are the games that are traditionally played at land based casinos and tens of variation of each game with rules and regulation tweaked to form a newer game. It’s a swell scene! And the gamblers are not complaining!!

There was no connection between the traditional and online casinos for a long time

For a big part till the turn of the century, land based casinos were skeptical of entering the online scene because of redundancy and they thought that their source of income would be affected. And so the first few casinos that opened were actually the ones that were independent of these land based ones. However, today the scenario is completely changed. A lot of land casinos have indeed set up an online casino based on the lucrative nature of the field.

No body of law governing online casinos

If you thought that you could get cheated on an online casino and you could approach the authorities for making it good, we apologize but you cannot. There are no rules or set of regulations that govern these gambling portals and by opening an account with them and registering on their site for betting, you agree that you are doing so at your own risk.

Under-aged? No money? There are no door attendants at online casinos to scare away under age players and so it is a place where lot of youngsters and especially the teens hang around and play on demo accounts. There have been instances before that these youngsters get hold of some credit card nod even bet with real money. Now, that is scary!

Is it Mars or Venus? Both! Both the sexes are high on gambling online. Whether they are working or home bound, online casinos gives everyone the discretion of logging in without anyone knowing about it. And so, the statistics points to the fact that both the genders are equally susceptible to playing online.

Attributing it to the television tournament-serial

Did you know that poker websites like sporadically increased on the net when the world Poker Series was being televised and from then poker has caught the fancy of the people.

When a habit becomes a problem

Betting for a few hours in a week and also determining the amount that can be safely good to lose is a greatly successful trend if followed by everyone. The problem begins when the hours become endless and the limit to the purse strings diminish. A person who has a problem with gambling will not know when to stop and therefore he may end losing much more than what he had initially intended to. Statistics indicate that a five percent of gamblers suffer from pathological betting and that teens as early as thirteen re hooked to the habit because they see their immediate family doing it in front of their eyes.