So, you want to own an online casino

If you are someone who has no background in running a casino, you must know exactly how the business is run before running in to one being a fresher. No doubt that the business field is very lucrative and people involved in the field are already making millions of dollars in a day. But you cannot start something that demands high investments with half baked knowledge about the field.

Your partner in knowledge

We would humbly like to offer our service to you with the assurance that we can help you set up your business in lesser time than what you may be able to do. Because of our expertise and the nature of our work which we do day in and day out, we will be the right kind of people to partner with for all your intellectual and legal needs in opening you portal.

Our services include

  1. 1.Sorting out legal issues such as
  2. A) Obtaining gambling licenses;
  3. B) Deciding on the jurisdiction of the casino, etc.
  4. 2. registering the company as a legal entity;
  5. 3. opening bank accounts;
  6. 4. signing contracts with various software providers;
  7. 5. Registering your intellectual property such as logo, trademarks and other gaming devices as your copyrighted and patented material, etc.

Technical support package

We also support the casino technically after the launch of the web portal. We can also double up as your marketing partner. We use advanced technological tools and aids in marketing the products entrusted to us. We have bagged and successfully maintained campaigns for big names in the industry and who will be ready to vouch for us.

Our services are cost effective

In case you think that we are not cost effective, think again. Going for companies that offer you cheaper quotes and then cutting corners in providing you sub standard products can be more financial harmful in the long run.It will nice to know your requirements and be of service to your establishment. Kindly call us on the numbers given below.